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What are the fundamental economic problems??

Economics is a social science which studies about human wants and their satisfaction……….
Human wants are unlimited. So scarcity is the fundamental fact of life.as all wants are not of equal importance, this leads to choice.

2 thoughts on “What are the fundamental economic problems??

  1. First of all thanks for your creative question,

    Your Question is about problem,  not solution

    I’m sorry that why, I’m not an economic student. I never read about economics.

    But,  Alhamdulillah,  we have a middle class business in Dubai,  KSA, Kuwait, Qatar. Still now, I’m in Dubai.

    That why, i know about some Economic problems.

    First from that,

    • What to product and What Quantity to product?
    •  How to product?
    • For whom to product?
    • How efficient are the resources being utilised?
    • Is the economy growing?

    There are five principle problems in the economic words. Theses problems are not only Bangladesh but also word economic problems.



  2. The fundamental economic problems in Bangladesh :

    Bangladesh is the large population country is not main fact for economic. The main fact is we have failed miserably in the last 52 years to convert population into public resources.

    Another problem is corruption. We could not rid our country of corruption. Corruption has crippled the entire country’s economy.

    Mismanagement has destroyed A to Z across the country. A country’s economy can never be strong if the management is not proper.

    (I answered you with Informal system)


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